—   By the way  |  it is about photographs, not about pixels   •


There is not much to say about me.

You like to know more? I am a software engineer and photographer located in Zurich. Please don’t ask anything about software and computers. I like my job as software engineer but my passion is photography. For me photography is about the photograph on paper and not about the newest equipment.

My work is influenced by Garry Winogrand, Tony Ray-Jones, Stanley Kubrik, William Klein, Andreas Feininger, Wes Montgomery, Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Grant Green and many others.
For my selected private work / Œuvre de l’Artist is password protected and accessible for interested persons only.


Facebook and all those social networks are great but I prefer it face to face. I am located in Zurich and if you like an invitation to a drink then email me: [email protected].


You will find some of my friends in the net. Please have a look: Heidi Thomi, Peter Aebi, Davide Caenaro, Heinz Rüst, H.P Krüsi, Kurt Söldi, Rashunda Tramble, Sascha Traitler.


Anyway here my Facebook and Twitter.